"I started yoga four years ago when I couldn’t put my socks on standing up. My husband said I was old and should sit down to put my socks on; I decided that I wasn’t old enough to give up on my balance! The first few lessons were dispiriting – everyone was so much better than me – and then our usual teacher was off, and Cheri was her stand-in. Bingo! I had found my perfect yoga teacher and I have been with her ever since.

Cheri is all about individual functionality – working gently towards your best you. Everything that she teaches is founded on respecting your own body, celebrating your existing abilities and nurturing yourself as you gradually but unmistakeably progress and improve your posture and capabilities. Yoga with Cheri has fixed my back pain, sorted out my balance issues and toned and strengthened my body in ways that I could only have imagined four years ago. Now I can turn my head to look over my shoulder in the car and stretch to reach the top shelf of the cupboard without my shoulder hurting … as well as putting on those pesky socks!

I leave each session feeling pleasantly stretched and challenged after the postures and wonderfully relaxed: ready to face the rest of the week. Her patient, inclusive style of teaching gives me the space to work to my own best level and never leaves my feeling I’m not good enough. Every session I learn something new about myself and every session is a joy. I cannot recommend Cheri highly enough.

Weston Super Mare



I wasn't sure that yoga was for me, I'd tried a few classes where the teacher and a few students got into some very bendy poses, whilst everyone else tried and failed miserably .. me included!!.

Someone recommended Cheri's class to me and I'm so pleased they did :-). I would describe her teaching as being 'from the inside'.  The emphasis is on how I feel, how my body moves, how I am breathing and the thoughts I am having. 

Cheri's classes really are a mind and body practice and they have helped me to understand and enjoy yoga.   


Weston Super Mare

"As a yoga teacher Cheri is unique in her style as she doesn’t just focus on “physical poses.” She offers a holistic approach which has allowed me to explore my relationship with my body and the world around me both on and off the mat! I’ve tried lots of different yoga styles/teachers and Cheri is the best by far. Because of her lovely manner she makes everybody feel comfortable to do what feels right for their body. Overall, I feel blessed to have met Cheri."





“I was recommended to see Cheri as I had battled with smoking for years and everything I had tried to stop had not worked. I was very sceptical about seeing Cheri initially but felt I should be open minded and give our meeting a go. I was shocked to feel so in control after just 1 session with her that I knew that I would not be smoking again! This has been life changing for me. I have then continued to see Cheri over the years for other areas of my life I wanted support with as and when it suits me. My wife, seeing the difference that Cheri has made for me personally has recommended her to so many of our friends for many different reasons. Everyone we have introduced her to says the same thing. Cheri is so lovely and easy to talk with and open up to. She has a special way with people and the positive change she is able to make to people’s lives is remarkable. If her services were given as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs, I think the world would be a better place! Thank you Cheri”.



“It’s hard to put into words how much support, wisdom and expertise Cheri offered me both as a hypnotherapist and counsellor. Her ability to be herself in the therapy made me feel comfortable and safe with her and this enabled me to open up to her and work on some very painful material. I can honestly say that she changed my life”



“Cheri has undoubtedly helped me navigate the toughest, most complicated and subconscious areas of my life. The healing and insights were profoundly felt and gently guided by her warm and understanding wisdom and demeanour. I was familiar with guided meditations and meditated regularly but in the sessions, I had with Cheri, the intention set by both of us after our discussions made it amazingly affective at creating lasting positive change in my life. If there is anyone to do this kind of deep and personal work with, it’s Cheri. She provided a safe and almost nurturing atmosphere that created ease and comfort while still feeling like I had power and control of how I wanted to discuss things. I would highly recommend Cheri:)”



"I can't thank Cheri enough for our sessions, I have no idea how it all works but it definitely works, even my husband said he had noticed a difference in me after just the first session" 



Nutritional Therapy


"I had endometriosis and was struggling to get support from my Doctor, I just wanted to be well and to feel back in control of my own body..... then a friend of mine recommended Cheri, finally there was someone who really understood and had the knowledge to be able to help me. 

"Making food and lifestyle changes is not easy, but rather than telling me I was wrong and to stop what I was doing Cheri said “introduce ... and reduce” ..... Not only did she care and listen but what she suggested worked! I must admit, some changes were harder than others, but the pain disappeared by 50% through the initial changes suggested. I continued to see Cheri and over time she helped me to alter my diet as needed and recommended other alternative methods to support me, the life plan and nutrition plans really changed my health in so many positive ways. If you are thinking twice about seeing Cheri, DON’T… she listened and changed my life when no one else could help, and for the price of a new outfit you could change how you feel inside and out!"



"I'd seen multiple alternative practitioners, including Nutritionists in the past and while some of them helped, it felt like hard work. 

There were always hidden costs, supplements to buy, tests to take and a strict protocol to follow. No one ever considered how easy it would be for me to make the changes and the stress it caused if I felt like I messed up.  Life became very strict and even going out to socialise made me anxious in case I ate the wrong thing. 

Cheri was very different, she helped me to understand how important the nervous system was to my healing and how my sleep and even daylight influenced how my body responded to foods.  No one had told me this really important information before and it helped me to feel way more in control. 

My health improved dramatically, I did have to make changes but I knew why, so it didn't feel stressful. Cheri gave me ideas and options and I finally felt like I could live normally and be healthy at the same time. I'd recommend a session with Cheri. 



“After years of feeling tired, sluggish and below par almost all of the time, seeing Cheri has transformed my life. I love food, especially the ones that don’t like me! Cheri was really patient, supportive and understanding – she encouraged me and helped me find ways of eating that worked for me every day, whatever situation I was in. I think that the balance has changed now to me wanting and enjoying mainly healthy foods and it has given me my life back. I highly recommend it”.