Mega EPA – 30 Capsules




  • Mega EPA is a pure fish oil capsule providing omega-3 fatty acids for heart, brain and vision support
  • Optimum support – Naturally concentrated using NEO-3™ technology, a unique lipase enzyme process, resulting in a natural triglyceride fish oil of outstanding quality and higher absorption than ethyl ester and free fatty acid fish oils. Over 2000mg omega-3 rich fish oil (524mg EPA and 375mg DHA) per daily intake for maximum effectiveness
  • Pure – using small fish (sardines and anchovies) low down on the food chain, drastically minimising their exposure to pollutants fished from deep waters off the coast of Peru in sustainable fisheries
  • No ‘fishy’ aftertaste – mixed with natural sweet orange oil
  • Environmentally friendly – recyclable packaging

Recommended Intake – 1 capsule taken twice daily with food

Product Information per Daily Intake

Fish Oil Concentrate 2333mg Providing 524mg EPA & 375mg DHA
Natural Mixed Tocopherols 10mg


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