Unfortunately, everything the experts tell us about diet is aimed at the whole population, and we are not all the same.

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What is Nutritional Therapy?

Good nutrition is the foundation to good health, the food that we eat and the nutrients we absorb, help our body and mind to perform in an optimum way.

If we take the time to listen, we have an innate internal wisdom deep within us that knows exactly what we need to eat to thrive. Unfortunately, in our busy, modern lives we can often find that we become disconnected to this part of us, as we eat in response to external cues like convenience and marketing messages.

Luckily for us, our bodies are amazingly resilient, they don’t stop working just because we don’t feed them properly, instead they can adapt to what they are given and continue to try and create some sort of balance.

latte and pancakes

Not enough food causes the metabolic rate to slow down and our body will crave sugar or stimulants for energy, not enough water and our body will crave salt and oil to try and balance hydration levels.

These survival signals reinforce the amazing power that the human body has but can easily be misinterpreted, leading many to seek out advice and information about what they ‘should’ be eating. There is an abundance of dietary recommendations and research available to us, much of it containing conflicting information, that can leave more questions than answers.

Nutritional Therapy cuts through the confusion, by looking at your current level of health, eating patterns and relationship with food, imbalances can be identified and understood. Keeping you at the centre of the process, means that dietary suggestions and self-care recommendations are enjoyable, achievable and are designed especially for you.