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Unfortunately, everything the experts tell us about diet is aimed at the whole population, and we are not all the same.

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What is Natural Nutritional Therapy?

Nourishment is the foundation to good health, the food that we eat and the day/night cycle, along with the quality of our breathing, movement, sleep and relationships all help our body and mind to perform in an optimum way.

If we take the time to listen, we have an innate internal wisdom deep within us that knows exactly what we need to thrive. Unfortunately, in our busy, modern lives we can often find that we become disconnected to this part of us, as we live in response to external cues like convenience and marketing messages.

Luckily for us, our bodies are amazingly resilient, they don’t stop working just because we don’t give them the nourishment they need, instead they adapt to what they are given and continue to try and create some sort of balance.

The process of creating equilibrium may produce some uncomfortable symptoms, such as a food craving, poor energy, low level health issues (IBS, Skin conditions, aches and pains, hormonal imbalance etc) or mood disorders.

These can easily be misinterpreted as our body not working, leading many to seek out quick fix advise (this might be a specific nutritional supplement, treatment or way of eating). Unfortunately, despite the abundance of recommendations and research available to us, much of the information we receive is conflicting and leave us with more questions, rather than answers.

Natural Nutritional Therapy cuts through the confusion, by looking at the much wider view of your genetics, health history and current symptoms – so that imbalances can be identified and understood.  Keeping you at the centre of the process, means that suggestions and self-care recommendations are enjoyable, achievable and are designed specifically with your lifestyle in mind.

Benefits of Natural Nutritional Therapy

  • Alleviate on-going conditions
  • Digestive problems, skin conditions, hormonal imbalances.
  • Reach a specific health goal
  • Balance weight, increase energy, regulate mood, improve sleep.
  • Learn about natural nutrition and understand how to create a balanced lifestyle plan
  • Vegans, chronic dieters, people suffering with food intolerance or eating disorders.
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What happens at a session?

Prior to the first session you will be asked to complete a ‘Health History Form’ which details any past health conditions, current symptoms, a record lifestyle and food choices over an average month and your health goals.

When we meet we will review this information, the first stage of the process is looking at the connection between seemingly separate symptoms and creating your unique health blueprint.

The body is always striving to achieve stability; I will make recommendations that help your body move closer towards its natural healthy state of balance, my approach does not rely heavily on specialist foods or supplements, and we will work together to create a plan that fits easily into your lifestyle.

The initial consultation lasts for up to up to 2 hours and takes place via zoom. Follow up sessions take place over the phone and last for 30 mins . Email contact is available to all clients as a means of support between sessions and up to 3 months after your last visit.

  • Sessions are held at Bristol, Bath and North Somerset
Natural Nutritional Therapy

(2 hrs via zoom)

Natural Nutrition – follow up phone session

(30 mins)



No, nourishment is not about deprivation; it is about eating foods and creating daily practices that nurture you, bringing more vitality into your life. The more in tune you become with your own body the more your diet and lifestyle will evolve to be one that is predominately healthful.

Absolutely, we will discuss your lifestyle and ensure your plan includes foods and practices that fit into your day to day life as well as special occasions.

It depends, if you are currently overweight then improving both your lifestyle and pattern of eating will result in a reduction in your body size. If one of your goals is to lose weight, alongside nutritional advice you will receive information that supports a positive body image and puts the focus on overall wellbeing.

This depends on each person, some clients like to keep in regular contact as they deepen their own understanding of nutrition, whilst others have an initial consultation and one follow up session and can then navigate their own way.

Yes, I provide email support between sessions and for up to 3 months after your last visit.

It varies from person to person, how quickly you see and feel results depends on your starting point and the changes you make. Good health is definitely a journey and good nutrition is not an instantaneous cure, however most clients notice a difference in their energy, sleep and clarity of thought within a few weeks

No, there are some great supplements, health products and superfoods on the market, but they are not the starting point for good health.