What happens at a session?

Prior to the first session you will be asked to complete a ‘Health History Form’ which details any past health conditions, current symptoms, a record of what you have eaten in the previous week and your health goals.

When we meet we will review this information. The first stage of the consultation is looking at the connection between seemingly separate symptoms and creating your unique health blueprint.

The body is always striving to achieve equilibrium; I will make recommendations that help your body move into a state of balance, my approach does not rely heavily on specialist foods or supplements and we will work together to create a plan that fits easily into your lifestyle.

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The initial consultation lasts for 90 minutes and includes written information for you to take away with you. Follow up sessions can take place face to face or over the phone and last for 30 – 60 minutes depending on your individual needs. Email contact is available to all clients as a means of support between sessions and up to 3 months after your last visit.