No, good nutrition is not about deprivation; it is about eating foods you enjoy, that bring vitality into your life. The more in tune you become with your own body the more your diet evolves into one that is predominately healthful.

Absolutely, we will discuss your lifestyle and ensure your plan includes foods that fit into your day to day life as well as special occasions..

It depends, if you are currently over weight then improving both your diet and pattern of eating will result in a reduction in your body size. If one of your goals is to lose weight, alongside nutritional advice you will receive information that supports a positive body image and puts the focus on overall wellbeing.

This depends on each person, some clients like to keep in regular contact as they deepen their own understanding of nutrition, whilst others have an initial consultation and one follow up session and are able to follow their own way.

Yes, I provide email support between sessions and for up to 3 months after your last visit. (6 months if you purchase the year transformation package)

It varies from person to person, how quickly you see and feel results depends on your starting point and the changes you make. Good health is definitely a journey and good nutrition is not an instantaneous cure, however most clients notice a difference in their energy, sleep and clarity of thought within a few weeks.

No, there are some great supplements and superfoods on the market but they are not the starting point for good health.