All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, therefore, anyone that wants to experience hypnosis can. Hypnosis requires a level of relaxation and focus, which a qualified hypnotherapist can help you achieve. How deep you drift into trance, can vary from experience to experience and does not affect the results of the session.

No, your sub-conscious mind will reject any suggestions that you do not feel comfortable with. Hypnosis is communication between your conscious mind and your sub-conscious self, it is directed by your desires and always within your control. When you see stage hypnotists appearing to make audience members do ‘silly’ things, they have used various ‘sifting’ techniques to find a few people that enjoy being in the limelight, are desperate to be called up on stage and who feel totally relaxed being a bit outlandish.

The sub-conscious mind is a great protector and some memories are out side our conscious memory for a reason. There are many different techniques that can be used during hypnosis and the past does not have to be delved into for healing to take place.

No, you will only talk about things that you feel comfortable sharing. However, anything you do discuss will be received without judgment and treated as confidential.

Will power is a combination of determination and self-discipline; we often think of a strong will power as someone that is able to do all they can to achieve their goal.

You are responsible for the changes that you want to take place, you will already have a desire to move towards your outcome as you are attending hypnotherapy. Hypnosis brings your sub-conscious thoughts in line with your conscious desires, achieving your goal will involve you taking some conscious actions.

It’s a fact of life that all things change, from our environment to our ideas to our desires.

Hypnosis enables the sub-conscious mind to take on new ideas and to let go of self-sabotaging thought patterns, lasting change is achieved as a result of a congruent relationship between the beliefs of the conscious and the sub-conscious.

Hypnosis is a relaxing and enjoyable experience, it is similar to a daydream where you can become immersed in your own world but are still aware of your environment on the periphery, so that you can choose how long to stay in trance. Some people remember every detail of their inner experience and hear all the words that are spoken to them, others recall their experience in a more hazy way.

The numbers of sessions you will need varies from person to person and depends on the desired outcome. Stopping smoking requires one double session, most other issues need between 3 and 8 sessions. The number of sessions is discussed during the initial consultation meeting and is reviewed at an agreed time.