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I discovered nutrition in my early twenties as a way of overcoming my own health conditions, eating well had such a positive effect, not just on my physical body but on every area of my life, I was so inspired by how I felt, that ‘health and wellbeing’ soon became my passion. I read all I could on the subject and attended workshops on all areas of mind and body health.

In 2000 I gained my Diploma in Natural Nutritional Therapy and completed the Advanced Diploma in Natural Nutrition in 2001. I went on to work on a 1-1 basis with clients at a Community Health Project based within a local GP surgery and in my own private practice.

The more I worked with clients, the more I observed the link between the mind and the body. Having explored many different ‘mind and talking therapies’ over the years I felt Hypnotherapy was the most beneficial and undertook a yearlong training with the UK Academy to qualify as a Hypnotherapist. I continued to work with clients on a 1-1 basis and delivered bespoke workshops for businesses and community groups.

In 2012 life decided to throw me a curved ball and I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I was challenged on every level, not least in my beliefs about health. With my normal high-energy activities not accessible to me I found I was still able to practice gentle yoga. Through Yoga I began to understand energy in a new way, enabling me to connect more deeply with myself. I learnt that good health is not always the speedy removal of symptoms; it is an ongoing relationship you have with yourself, it is the strong foundation that allows you to be the most you can be, in any situation.


Yoga became a big part of my journey towards recovery and I wanted to share its healing with my clients – I completed a 10 month, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course run by the Soma School of Yoga

Through my own experiences and those of my clients, I know these therapies make a real difference; I love the work I do have continued to deepen my learning by undertaking additional training in: NLP, Stress Management, Easi-Birthing, Smoking Cessation, Functional Yoga and Eating for Emotional Balance as well as attending depth-workshops on: the Psychology of Eating, Yoga for Trauma and Adaptive Yoga.

I have the privilege of being supported on my ‘therapist’s journey’ by Supervisors and Mentors that not only help me to gain more detailed understanding but who also inspire me with their brilliance. Most of all I am committed to sharing my knowledge and helping others to develop their own sense of wellbeing.

When I am not working I love to read, travel, feel the sunlight on my skin, be out in nature, connect with my beautiful friends and have new adventures.


Cheri Wilkins

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