Your Unique Balance

Unique balance was born out of my belief that there is not ‘one perfect wellbeing solution' that works for everyone.  So often.. when you strive for a rigid health ideal that is described in a book or displayed on an Instagram account, you are following someone else’s goals that are usually so far away from who really you are, that you end up in an unsatisfying ‘all or nothing’ loop.

Over the past 20 years I’ve been helping clients to understand, harness and celebrate their own unique health journey.

How I can help


Balanced Body


Unique Balance Yoga combines the latest anatomy science with yogic philosophy to create a safe and accessible movement practice. No two bodies are the same and so, no two yoga postures should look the same, classes teach body awareness and support both body and mind to reduce stress promote wellbeing.


Balanced Mind


Unique Balance Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way of permanently making the changes you want in your life. Combining Hypnotherapy, Neuroscience, NLP, IEMT and psychotherapy techniques to align your beliefs, thoughts and actions to your specific wellbeing and life goals, supporting you to achieve your true potential.


Balanced Health


Unique Balance Nutrition has a truly holistic approach to your wellbeing – recognising that how you sleep, move, breath and think are equally as important as what you eat. I provide tailored information, support and tools that enable you to gain a greater sense of control over body and mind.


"There is a part of you that longs to function at its highest potential, it calls to both body and mind, seeking a state of pure-equilibrium. Achieving this balance lies in your ability to look within and be confident following your own unique path."




My Story

Hi, I’m Cheri

I founded Unique Balance over 20 years ago.. but my own wellbeing journey started way before that ...